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Victoria Beckham promotes the UK

Victoria Beckham is to act as an international ambassador for the "GREAT" Britain campaign to boost domestic tourism.

Beckham will play a leading role in the "Fashion is 'GREAT'" element of the campaign, in addition to highlighting the UK as the preeminent place in which to visit, study, and invest.

Prime Minister David Cameron said: "Contributing over 20 billion to the British economy each year, our industry inspires. Fashion is a truly great British success story."

Victoria Beckham's ready-to-wear collection is handmade in the UK and stocked in over 300 retail stores around the world.

The "GREAT" Campaign is part of the Government's drive to make the most of the country being in the world spotlight this year, with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games."Report by Travel Mole Travel Mole website.

Published: 17.2.2012